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Pawprint Deli are a UK based independent company that pride themselves on providing natural, healthy treats for your dog to enjoy.
Marley is fed on a raw diet and we are very selective on what treats we feed her, if you look at the ingredients in the treats that are on sale in the shops, most of them say things like ‘crude ash’ ‘cereals’ ‘meat and animal derivatives’ and often ‘chicken’ or ‘beef’ treats  contain around 4% chicken or beef.
Please note that not all of these ingredients are necessarily bad for your pet in small amounts but the problem is that the products don’t state how much of each is used to compose the product.

More on this at the end of the review

When i first opened the box i couldn’t keep Marley away from it! She could smell all the treats inside and was desperate to dig straight in.

In the box we received; (note that this was the May box and the contents will vary each month)

1 tin of Lily’s kitchen pet food (grain free)
Pigs ear
2 squid strips
4 Lamb spaghetti strips
2 chicken feet
Fish training treats
3 Sprats
3 Dried fish cubes


The box comes well packaged and the treats are all individually wrapped and beautifully presented, in fact i would liken it to a small Christmas hamper when opening. Some of the treats Marley has had before and are more common in some of the better pet stores, such as the pigs ear and the chicken feet. Marley already loves these but her attention was straight to the more exotic pieces in the box, the sprats were the clear winner (also the smelliest so not a bad thing to have her eat them first, but you won’t want puppy kisses afterwards!)

In fact Marley absolutely loves everything I’ve given her to taste test so far, her preference is quite obviously for the fish products though, but this because they were all new to her. the only thing that she was a little unsure of was the dried fish cubes, they are quite large for her and as they were hard she played with them for a while before realising they were to eat, once she had figured it out they went down well and i have read they are very good for teeth cleaning too which is a bonus!

The fish training treats have also been fantastic as she will do anything to get her paws on one (dancing around, rolling over, giving paw) all without being asked. We still have some left but may be requesting some more as she has responded so well to them i think they will really help with her training.

It was really difficult trying to get pictures of her with the food as all she wanted to do was eat everything. As you can see from the picture below she was going to take my hand off for the sprat!

I would advise keeping the box in a plastic bag or moving the products to an airtight container where your dog can’t reach, mainly to contain the fishy smell and prevent your pooch trashing the house trying to get all the goodies whilst you’re not around. To quote Paw Print Deli’s website;

“Just remember that the products we sell are pieces of an animal! So, they might smell icky, they might look like recognisable body parts (feet, snouts, full fish, etc), but your dogs will think they’re great!”

As a monthly subscription service i think these boxes are perfect, there is enough in there to last you the month giving them a treat every few days, with the addition of the pigs ear which will keep them entertained for longer if you’re nipping out anywhere.

The price is great, very good value for money in my opinion unfortunately we didn’t get the pictures in the article before Marley had tried some of the products so they don’t accurately reflect how much you get of each item, please see the list at the top of the page for the actual contents.

I would recommend this to anyone that wants to feed their pups a healthier option, one which they will love too!

Pawprint Deli have received a massive paws up from me and Marley.


So what are these unknown ingredients present in most dog treats? 


In dog food, ash is not like it sounds. Contrary to what you may have heard, it’s not a filler intentionally used to dilute a recipe.

In other words, if you were to completely incinerate a can of dog food, all three major nutrients (protein, fat and carbohydrates) would burn away, leaving just the food’s minerals behind.

Mineral nutrients (like calcium, phosphorous, zinc, iron, etc.) make up ash, the ultimate residue of food combustion.

Ash is also more commonly known as funeral ash. It’s simply what remains of any animal — even humans — after cremation.

More info on Crude Ash here


When the term “cereals” is used as a dog food ingredient, the actual grain used can vary from batch to batch. This allows manufacturers to take advantage of market prices, using which ever grain is cheapest at even given time. The concern is that the cereal isn’t chosen for the benefit of your dog but for the benefit of the manufacturers’ profit.

Cereals can also be used as bulking agents. These are ingredients that provides a lot of bulk to the product but is of little nutritional value and also cheap. Some products can contain up to 80% cereals!

More info on Cereals here

Meat & Animal Derivatives

This is a generic term for animal proteins – It can sourced from any animal. i.e. Chicken? Horse? Rabbit Emu? Rat? Giraffe?

Why do companies use meat & animal derivatives?
Because meat and animal by products are some of the cheapest protein sources and manufacturers can choose different sources depending on the cheapest available at the time of manufacture.

So what’s the problem with these unspecified ingredients?
Because they aren’t chosen for their quality. Pets that are intolerant to certain proteins may be fine with one batch but have problems with the next as it’s impossible to know which is in each bag.

More info here

To put it simply, in moderation these ingredients aren’t necessarily bad for your dog but its impossible to tell the quantities that are put in the treats, I just prefer to know exactly what I’m giving Marley as i feel that yes, treats etc may work out a little more expensive but in the long run her health will be better and (hopefully) she won’t have to visit the vets with problems that could have been helped or prevented through her diet.

If you have any queries please feel free to send us a message either via Instagram @cockapoomarley or email

Until next time,

Katie & Marley


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